Are business signs worth investment?

Are business signs worth the investment Are business signs worth investment?

Heralding from Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, shop signs have been a key pillar of any marketing campaign for centuries. Literally.

Business signs are integral to a flourishing business.

Lacklustre signs that blend into the background can lead to your business being overlooked by shoppers, who may choose to spend their money with your closest competitors instead. In the US, 61% of shoppers failed to find a business because its sign was too small or unclear, according to a report by the Sign Research Foundation (SRF).

As such, it is essential that your business has signage that works for your business in multiple ways, including:

  • communicating your company name and branding
  • grabbing the attention of passers-by
  • improving brand recall

But which business signs do you need to ensure you are maximising all potential profits?

Business shop front signs

Shop front signs very quickly become instantly recognisable to consumers and draw shoppers in.

They improve brand recall by developing an eye-catching logo or branding style, using instantly recognisable fonts, colours, shapes, and sometimes images.

If you thought about the popular UK supermarket ASDA, you would probably recall a bold font and green lettering. Similarly, if you considered the Post Office, you would think of the red oval and white lettering.

To encourage new and returning customers, displaying your unique logo is essential. This will welcome the shoppers who happen to be walking past, while also helping those who are actively looking for your business while out and about.

The design and style of your shop front sign will depend on your personal branding but could include extra elements such as illumination.

Illuminated signs

Thanks to the introduction of LED lighting, we can reduce the cost of illuminating signs by around 60% and also enjoy increased energy efficiency.

Illuminated signs are particularly well suited to:

  • Premises that remain open late at night, such as restaurants, bars, pharmacies, and supermarkets
  • Petrol stations and road-side businesses, where signage needs to be visible to passing traffic
  • Businesses in busy high streets or shopping centres, with a lot of competing signage

With Vinyline, the leading supplier of illuminated signs, we can ensure that any shape or design can be safely illuminated and installed prominently, to welcome in your customers.  

Window graphics

Window graphics are an excellent way to increase your available branding and advertising space.

Not only will this help increase brand awareness if using brand colours, but it will also grab the attention of potential customers.

Window graphics are versatile, are designed bespoke for every customer, and can feature a variety of mediums- including text, images, a wide variety of colours, and even photographs.

You could use window graphics to:

  • Advertise sales or special events
  • Create a bold pop of colour to contrast with neighbouring businesses
  • Create dramatic build-up for new lines or ranges

Got no window space? Consider our tailored range of wall wraps instead!

No matter which business sign type you consider, Vinyline can help you create an impact, stand out from the crowd, and pique the interest of potential visitors- all while working within the bounds of your company branding.

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