Get that holiday feeling early with awesome airport signage.

Airport Get that holiday feeling early with awesome airport signage.

Summer holidays are back!

In a recent survey, ABTA found 61% of people are confident they will be traveling abroad in the next year, an increase no doubt brought on by the loss of previous summer holidays as a result of the pandemic.

With millions of families packing their bags and heading to the airport, safety and a stress-free experience is top priority which is where airport signage plays a pivotal role.

Travellers arrive at airports with the expectation of clear, universally understandable signage to make the start of their trip smooth and hassle free. After all, no one wants to miss their plane.  

Here are 10 types of airport signage to improve visitor experience and kick-start that holiday feeling before passengers even step onto the plane!

Airport Signage

Welcome and entry signage

A clear welcome to the airport calms any last-minute nerves and brings out the holiday spirit. It also lets people know they’re in the right place!

Guests will soon be exploring duty free and relaxing with pre-flight drinks, and images of this can be conjured by large welcome signs as they enter the airport grounds.

Car park signage

For some, parking the car can be stressful, especially when in a hurry to catch a flight.

Clear signage can help to alleviate the tension. Directing traffic flow, removing any queries may have about pricing, where to pay and the availability of disabled parking or specific long and short stay zones.

With adequate signage, the only thing guests will have to worry about is the designated driver’s reversing skills!

Informational displays

Informational displays such as those to explain which check-in desk to use, are vital for keeping airports clear and flights running on time.

This can be designed with LED illuminated options to ensure that changes are rapidly communicated to visitors and delays are avoided wherever possible.

Directional signage

Directional signage, for example, those that explain the route to your check- in desk, are essential to stop bottlenecks in the airport and maintain the free flow of people.

Directional signs will go on to lead passengers through security, and safely to their plane.

Airport Signage

Hanging signs

Like the ones you might see in the supermarket, hanging airport signs explain key zones or destinations, for example, departures or baggage reclaim.

These are designed to be seen from further away and feature symbols that are universal and compliant with regulations, to ensure that even first-time airport users can navigate safely and quickly.

These can even feature intelligent lighting options to make them easier to spot.

Area Zoning

Area zoning is important throughout the airport, from zoned parking in multi-story carparks, to gate seating, helping to ensure passengers get on the right flight!

These zoning signs need to be high contrast and easy to spot.

Acrylic and metal zoning signs often use a wide variety of vibrant colours, which bring zoned areas together and separate them from other regions. This helps people stay in the areas they need to be in and prevent crowds being mixed together.

Airport Signage

Kiosk and pop-up displays

Kiosk and pop-up displays will feature heavily in duty-free, highlighting tempting shopping outlets or eateries to pass pre-flight time.

These add branding, character, and interest to spaces and can make them instantly recognisable with the use of colours and logos.

They can also be used to highlight sales or specialist items, such as flight essentials like snacks, bottled water and inflatable neck pillows!

Health and safety notices

Thanks to the pandemic, we have seen more health and safety signs than ever before!

In an airport, health and safety is a high priority due to the secure nature of air travel.

This includes things such as denoting no entry zones which keep visitors away from staff only areas and evidence important locations, such as toilet facilities and fire exits.

This signage needs to be highly visible and feature universally recognised symbols, allowing for consistency and compliance.

Window and floor graphics

Window and floor graphics can fall into multiple categories- decorative, functional, or both.

Any size or design can be catered for, allowing for the bespoke personalisation of any window or floor space, for example, to show queuing or waiting zones.

 The addition of colour and design can brighten empty spaces and ensure visitors are happy while they wait to board their flight.

Vinyl wall art and wall wraps

Vinyl wall art and wall wraps are a great way to add personality to your space, for example, by adding your brand colours or popular shapes to otherwise blank walls.

They can be made to bespoke sizes, allowing you to cover entire walls. Similarly, they can cover temporary walls to make them less of an eyesore!

These can be fitted to curved or unusually shaped walls, allowing for a feature to be made of the existing walls.

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Airport signage can vastly improve visitor experience and getting it right is the key to the success and safety of any airport.

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