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    Do you find yourself staring at a blank wall, looking for inspiration?

    Do you want to create high impact visuals at a low cost?

    Vinyl wall graphics may be much more cost-effective than you think!

    When you’re trying to create an impact in your environment – be it for an office or a public facing commercial space – it can be difficult to think outside the traditional options. Staring at the blank walls, most people try and imagine how art pieces, promotional posters and signage could be attached to transform the space and get the impact they want. But, what if you looked at it differently? Instead of thinking about what you could attach to a blank wall to conceal it and create a visual impact – what if the wall itself became the impact, portraying your brand and company message?

    This is where custom wall prints come into play. Available here, at Vinyline Graphics, they’re an excellent way to transform a space and give it a unique, eye-catching feel.

    What is a wall wrap?

    custom wall wrap is, essentially, a graphic image or design that is printed onto vinyl and then installed onto a wall. They can be customised to meet your individual needs and are one of the simplest and most-effective ways to create true wow factor in your business premises. If you’d like to make your space stand out from the competitors, wall wraps could be the ideal option for you.

    Easily and quickly applied, wall wraps could be installed in less than an hour and give an instant, undeniable appeal to any space.

    When it comes to designing the graphic for your custom wall wrap, you have a bigger blank canvas than ever before – so be imaginative! Tell us what you have in mind and work hand-to-hand with our team of creative experts to bring your ideas to life or come up with an entirely new concept.

    From alterations to existing company designs to innovative, experimental designs, we can do it all.

    Are vinyl wall wraps durable?

    High-traffic areas can become expensive, time-consuming projects that are constantly in need of repairs.

    From smudged, fading paint to torn, sun-bleached wallpaper, vinyl wall wraps remove the need for constant redecorating.

    Made from a durable, wipeable material that is resistant to stains and chemicals, vinyl wall wrap can long outlive traditional decorating materials.

    With a scratch-resistant finish, vinyl is also perfect for areas that receive regular bumps and knocks, preventing damage to the wall and maintaining the appearance of your rooms.

    Get creative with the design

    When it comes to design, the sky is the limit. Your wall is one giant blank canvas and the only restriction is your imagination.

    From bold and lively text to enlarged photographs, pop-art style illustrations, to huge maps, your options are truly endless.

    Wall wraps really can be used for transforming any space, and our years of experience make us the best in the business at producing them. From retail outlets and restaurants to offices, hospital corridors, and school walls – wraps can seriously transform spaces. There are endless options for vinyl wall murals, but, here are a few that Vinyline regularly designs and produces:

    • Branding an event or office space with your logo.
    • Welcoming your visitors with a WOW by branding and transforming your reception areas.
    • Bringing the outside in with vibrant and inspiring photographs of your local area.
    • Driving product and campaign awareness with wall graphics that create impact and can’t be ignored.
    • Inspiring people with quotes and values that are boldly displayed.
    • Creating spaces that encourage productivity, with calming or energising graphics and colours that create functional environments.
    • Transforming dull walkways into vibrant and bright pathways that inspire and entice people.
    • Creating uplifting and welcoming environments for children by transforming hospital wards and school classrooms with positive and vibrant graphics.
    • Adding customer reviews and quotes from the media outlets to specific product areas to encourage targeted sales.
    • Providing bright and eye-catching informational displays to give key information to visitors.
    • Creating large-scale maps near visitor facilities to help direct the flow of traffic and reduce bottlenecks.
    • Developing exciting photograph opportunities to utilise on social media.

    If you’d like to transform your environment with a custom wall wrap and create that wow factor for customers, staff, visitors and passers-by then, contact the Vinyline team today at 01744 75 66 44.

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    Wall Wraps
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    See Our Latest Wall Wrap Work

    Why waste your promotional budget renting large format advertising spaces from others, when you’ve got your own large format space just waiting to be wrapped? No matter how big or small your project is, we can help you.

    From exterior walls to internal corridors, any area can be a potential advertising or informational space. This could take your usable space from a couple of metres to potentially hundreds- which would definitely create a massive impact.

    Our design experts will guide you quickly through the process – from site survey to creative development and final installation, ensuring you are as excited about your new design as we are. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and all-round expertise will make quick work of transforming your space into whatever you want it to be, with the right level of support for your project.

    So why wait? Stop looking at those blank walls today and get in touch with our team at Vinyline to make big and exciting changes!

    Our Customer Reviews

    Vinyline are an excellent company with whom I have had many dealings and have had nothing but great experiences. Keith runs a first class operation which see’s your products delivered to time, to budget and to the very highest quality. I never fail to receive positive feed-back on their products that we use and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone else seeking to make an impact through the innovative use of their branding.Mark Canning, DipTP, MRTPI, MIED
    ‘We have used Vinyline’s services many times over the last few years, in particular for the fantastic signage on our Chamber building. They seem to be able to meet any need and all projects have been delivered to an excellent standard’Kath Boullen, Chief Executive – St Helens Chamber
    I have been very impressed by the high level of service offered by Vinyline. They provide many helpful suggestions that enhance the design of the product, and worked hard to meet our specifications. The High quality proofs they produce, greatly help our staff and the client envisage how the final product will look. Vinyline are also extremely helpful during the installation process and are able to work to tight schedules and deadlines. The staff at Vinyline are a pleasure to work with and go above and beyond in helping us achieve a quality product.David McGiveron
    For trade shows I would recommend using Vinyline as they gave our stand the impact that was needed and helped us gather new business leads.Dave Smith, Business Development Manager
    I was very satisfied on the overall management of projects undertaken by the company on behalf of BCR. Any issues which arose during the contracts were dealt with satisfactorily and there were no major problems.Bradford Centre Regeneration
    More than satisfied with all aspects of our alliance. The quality and professionalism of the Vinyline staff and installers is more than equal to any small issues that occur during any lengthy project, and are always dealt with quickly & efficiently. The 10 year duration of our working relationship speaks for itself. The number of amazing projects that we have shared and produced together is very satisfying, and we can only look forward to more projects in the future.Palfrey Greer
    We have worked with Vinyline for 30 years or more. Yes, we have worked with many others too, but none have matched the service and quality that Vinyline provides. They constantly come up new processes and new ideas all of which have been a huge bonus to us as a creative agency. Above all else I like to think we have become close friends with a shared goal of delivering the very best. Mike Sutton
    Vinyline have supplied items of consistent high quality, and to a degree often involving innovative experimental work.St Helens Council

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I install a custom wall wrap?

    Vinyl wall wraps are a great option for a wide range of settings. In fact, they can be used anywhere that has a blank wall – completely transforming the appearance of the space and giving it a fresh, unique look. Thanks to the use of a specific adhesive, they can be fitted to almost every surface (e.g. plasterboard, brick, wood, tiles) and are guaranteed to create a high-quality, impressive finish.

    How long do vinyl wall wraps last?

    This depends on a number of factors – such as where it is installed and how well it is treated – but, on average, a custom wall wrap can last for five years or more. Vinyl is a highly robust material. It can withstand most environments and will only deteriorate if exposed to extreme conditions (e.g. continuous heat, moisture, direct sunlight). In most cases, people wish to update their vinyl wall wrap with a new design, well before it starts to show any signs of wear and tear or ageing.

    Why choose us for wall wraps?

    Vinyline is a leading provider of custom wall wraps. We have over 30 years’ experience in this area and can take care of everything on your behalf – from the initial design to the final installation.

    Our team of professional designers are always on hand to help. Whether you have an idea in mind or need a little inspiration, they will work closely with you throughout the design process and help to bring your ‘ideal’ custom wall print to life. All of our wall wraps are made from hard-wearing vinyl and printed using state-of-the-art technology. They’re built to last, have an exceptional finish, and could be exactly what you need to transform your blank wall into something exciting.

    How much do wall wraps cost?

    The cost of a custom wall wrap varies depending on its size and design. But you can rest assured that here at Vinyline, they’re priced as competitively as possible. Call us today on 01744 75 66 44 to discuss your requirements and get a personalised quote. Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more information.

    Will wall wraps damage my walls?

    Vinyl wall wraps are breathable thanks to the thousands of tiny holes that are embedded in the vinyl. As such, they won’t cause problems like mould, which can occur when walls are wrapped in temporary coverings.

    Vinyl wraps adhere to practically any surface with a very fine layer of adhesive.

    This will not damage walls and is easy to remove making them the perfect solution for both permanent and temporary designs.

    When it is time to remove the wall wrap, they are gently heated which encourages the adhesive to come away from the wall. After a gentle wipe-down, any remaining adhesive can be easily removed and your wall will be good as new.

    The process for application and removal is simple and quick. Unlike artwork or traditional signage, it doesn’t involve putting any holes into walls, making it the perfect solution for privately rented spaces that can be charged for leaving holes in the walls.

    Are wall wraps suitable for all locations?

    From sports stadiums to hospitals, retail units to council buildings, Vinyline have installed wall wraps in many well-known, busy locations.

    The damage-free nature of wall wraps means that no matter the material, wall wraps are the preferred option.

    Similarly, the complete flexibility of sizing and design makes it possible to cover any location. Say goodbye to spending hours finding artwork for awkwardly shaped walls, simply sketch your preferred design and let our design and installations team handle the rest!

    The wipe-clean nature of our vinyl also makes it suitable for areas that handle food and beverages. Resistant to staining and non-absorbent, simply wipe away any spillages with warm soapy water, removing the need for harsh, specialist chemicals.

    High-traffic areas are also perfect for vinyl wall wraps. Completely remove the expensive and time-consuming need to touch up paintwork or replace worn wallpaper, by covering the area in durable, low-maintenance vinyl.

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