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Does your school signage look cluttered and outdated? Does it need a refresh to create an inviting environment that promotes learning?

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Creating and maintaining quality school signage is critical when looking to provide a safe and welcoming environment for children. There is a lot to consider when purchasing educational signage.

From your school’s entrance sign, to directional signage, to health and safety notices- Vinyline Graphics can offer you a bespoke service to meet all your school’s needs.

Getting The Basics Right

Traditionally signage in schools was an afterthought. Apart from the main signs, elements were added in an ad-hoc fashion. The results of this approach have led to schools feeling cluttered, outdated and disjointed over time. If this sounds like your school, we can help.

New educational signage can create an overwhelming sensed of professionalism for your school and will give your messaging the clarity needed by students, staff, parents and visitors alike. Educational signage can be an easy way to display your schools brand and ethos to the local community.

Getting the basics of your school signs are essential and there is more to consider than you may first think. Here we have outlined some of the primary focuses when designing your new school signs:

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  • The exterior welcome signs to your school are of vital importance. These school signs need to be well positioned as they are the first thing that students, staff, and the local community will see. Your welcome sign is basically an opportunity to show off your school to the public with quality signage that vibrantly displays your school’s logo and colours.
  • External directional signs that clearly direct all parents and visitors to offices, receptions, halls and drop off points.
  • Internal directional signs that helps new staff and students navigate themselves to the key locations within the school with ease.
  • Health and safety notices in playgrounds, rooms, canteens and directional signs to emergency exits and fire assembly points.

functional/directional signage

Encouraging Excellence

Good signage can have a positive effect on every aspect of your school, even the behaviour of your pupils. Good school signage can bring the ethos of your school to life and encourage students to embody its values.

It is also important to get creative with your school signage. Without losing the functional purpose of your educational signs, incorporating floor or wall graphics can give your school a modern look. Projects we have previously completed on schools include:

  • Glass manifestations with custom designs and prints for windows. Create bold designs and graphics, without blocking light or wasting internal classroom space.
  • Wall graphics to inspire learning with quotes, educational displays or murals.

creative and innovative signage

Vinyline’s Creative Expertise

If you’d like support in transforming your school’s environment into one that fosters creativity and excellence, contact us on today on 01744 75 66 44

We can talk you step-by-step through creating your school signage in a way that best meets your objectives. If you have an idea or a vision, we’ll make it a reality. Or, if you need help, our expert creative team will be on hand to help you generate powerful and engaging signage ideas that will inspire your staff and students; transforming their learning environment.

Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Wall graphics with inspirational quotes from their favourite authors
  • Wall graphics with educational maps of the world
  • Glass manifestations with artistic designs to foster creativity
  • Bold signage with key values the school wants to foster
  • Wall graphics celebrating successes and school events to foster teamwork
  • Glass manifestations with healthy eating graphics to reinvigorate your canteen area

No matter how big or small your school project is, our creative team can help transform your vision for the school into a reality. Our quality and attention to detail, from concept development and design through to production and installation, will ensure that your school’s brand is in safe hands.

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