Are you wishing for wall graphics?

Wall Graphics Are you wishing for wall graphics?

Wall graphics are a simple, easy, and inexpensive solution for adding extra oomph to your space.

In contrast to wall wraps that are designed to cover the entire wall, wall graphics are designed to add smaller sections of detail.

As they are smaller, they can be missed with pre-existing marketing or company branding.

Or they can be used to highlight specific areas of the store, rather than the whole area. While similar in concept to a sale sign, as the wall graphic can be applied straight to the wall it removes the need to attach hanging signs to the ceiling and can cover a wider area.

What can go on a wall graphic?

Wall graphics are limited only by your imagination.

Printed on high-quality, hard-wearing vinyl, you can use any design you wish to entice customers.

From informational displays to maps, quality photographs to custom cartoons, your options are limitless.

You can work with our design team to alter existing marketing collateral or create completely new design concepts.  

You could even take risks and consider the use of stylish monochromes instead of bright and bold colours. While limited to tones, the high contrast between black and white is classic, tasteful, and even more impactful than a kaleidoscope of jarring colours. Especially in busy places.

How can wall graphics help me?

Wall graphics are infinitely versatile.

They can become an integral part of your regular marketing, due to their numerous uses. These include:

  • Sale sections or special offers within the wider shop floor
  • New product displays
  • Sign-in areas
  • Waiting and drop-off zones, lost child areas, emergency evacuation points
  • Informational displays, such as the location of toilets, lifts, or payments desks
  • Maps
  • Entrances and exits
  • Increase company branding
  • Replacing hanging signs from the ceiling

Are wall graphics hardwearing?

Made from vinyl and applied with a fine layer of strong adhesive, wall graphics may look flimsy, but are tough enough to stick around through all seasons.

As well as being water and chemical-resistant, the smooth texture of vinyl makes it easy to clean when dirty. Simply dust the area, then wipe clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

No expensive cleaning solutions or equipment, no time-consuming routines, simply clean in a matter of minutes.

Wall graphics are also smudge-proof and can withstand scratches and knocks, meaning that even in busy areas, your wall graphics will remain in great condition for many months to come. They add a layer of protection to walls and can save you from having to touch up paintwork in high-traffic areas.  

Hardwearing and protective, wall graphics are the all-in-one solution to helping your customers and keeping your space looking neat as a pin.

Find your wall graphics today

Whether updating your current wall graphics or starting a design from scratch, we would be happy to help.

No matter your building style, or layout, wall graphics create the all-round solution to effective and eye-catching marketing materials.

To speak to our bespoke design team today, simply call us on 01744 7566 44 or email us to discuss your ideas.