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Impactful, easily replaceable and inexpensive

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It can be a tricky balance – making your message shout loud enough to be heard, without cluttering up space. On the rollout of a new campaign or offer, often retailers scan their store in dismay.

Despite using all available wall space, shelf space, and even ceiling space with hanging signage, the message they wanted to highlight to their customers is just not coming through clearly. With only a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, nothing is jumping out with impact.

Finding advertising space can often pose difficulty when trying not to clutter available space too much. Increasing your marketing space needs to be tactical and its key to ensuring that you don’t over face your customers with an over the top marketing campaign.

Floor graphics are impactful, easily replaceable and cost-effective. Three key qualities that make floor graphics one of the most influential marketing tools available!

Indoor Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can often be a discrete yet hugely impactful way to get a message to your customers and even entice them to a certain location. Drowning wall and ceiling space with a desperate advertisement is often either ignored or glanced at with dismay by customers, while the floor is one of the most underused spaces for marketing messages.

As somewhat of an unexpected place to see advertising, stick on vinyl flooring can be used for a variety of purposes. Floor decals can be used to direct customers to:

  • special offers
  • discount areas
  • new seasonal lines

If implemented in a tasteful fashion, floor graphics can create an impactful statement that gets results. Floor graphics are proven to increase sales! One study found that when combining usual promotions with a floor graphic, their sales improved by a massive 17%!

Floor graphics

But what if your challenge is footfall and trying to get new customers in the door? Can floor graphics help with that?

Outdoor Floor Graphics

If the challenge you face is getting customers into the store rather than directing them to areas of your choice, floor decals can still be hugely beneficial. the grounds surrounding your businesses building can offer an amazing opportunity to incorporate floor graphics and therefore increase footfall.

Just imagine the number of people that pass your premises on a daily basis without being stopped in their tracks. You can push a marketing message to them without them evening entering your store.

And, it’s not just for stores. If you have got a conference, trade show, or even a sporting event, you can use outdoor floor graphics to help direct people where to go. And you can use them to create truly unique settings by defining and decorating stages, dance floors, and viewing areas.

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Floor graphics are impactful, easily replaceable and inexpensive

Custom Floor Graphics

It’s not just retail stores that can see great benefit from using floor graphics. if you have planned a conference, trade show or even sporting event, outdoor floor graphics are a phenomenal avenue to take when trying to direct potential consumers in a particular direction.

Floor graphics can also be used to decorate stages, dance floors, and viewing areas, providing an individual trademark image to the respective spaces.

Why do printed floor graphics work so well?

Think about it. How much time do you spend looking down every day? Maybe your texting on your phone, bending down to tie your shoelaces, or you’re lost in thought and just looking at the path ahead.

Imagine now, that your gaze is unexpectedly interrupted by a vinyl floor sticker. You have the opportunity to be totally re-directed. Your attention is grabbed, your curiosity is piqued and you make an instantaneous decision to look-up and investigate.

To get the most from your floor sticker graphics you need to make them unique, eye-catching and bold enough to disrupt! We recommend using vibrant colours, snappy messages and quirky concepts that grab attention. Create novel graphics that create a talking point. People have created floor decals with spilled supplies, cracked tiles… anything that causes someone to pause and look twice.

Vinyline’s Got You Covered From The Ground Up

If you want to bring your ideas to life, get in touch with us today on 01744 75 66 44. Our dynamic creative team can help bring your existing idea to life or create entirely new concepts that will grab attention and stop potential customers in their tracks. We currently offer a range of different floor graphics, including:

Print N Go Aslan DFP33

example of indoor floor graphic


A self-adhesive matt white digital printing film, perfect for use as a short-term indoor floor graphic. It works best on smooth floors and, 125 microns thick, it has a structured surface and confirms to both DIN 51130 standards and non-slip safety class R9. Each roll measures 1370mm x 25m.



Print N Go Aslan DFP43 / DFP44

Example of indoor floor graphic


A self-adhesive digital printing film for smooth, indoor floor graphics. Directly printable, this 140-micron film requires no lamination. It’s especially slip-resistant and meets both the non-slip safety class R13 and the DIN 51097 for wet barefoot walks.




Wrap The Street Aslan DFP46

Example of outdoor floor graphic


A high-quality floor graphic, suitable for temporary advertising on outdoor surfaces. Equipped with a special adhesive, the film can be adhered to both smooth and rough surfaces and is easy to remove after use. It’s the perfect option for trade fairs and exhibitions, sports events, promotions, festivals, shop openings and much more.



Wrap The Floor Aslan DFP47

Indoor/outdoor floor graphic


Thanks to its water-resistant adhesive, this floor graphic is particularly suitable for indoor areas that are exposed to moisture and outdoor advertisements. It has been specially designed for smooth floors, but can also be used on tiles or polished stone, and can be removed in one piece – without leaving behind any residue.



Wrap The Carpet Aslan DFP49

Example of carpet floor graphic


A digital printing film, designed especially for temporary use on short-pile carpet. It sticks well to the carpet, but can be easily removed after a short-term application, and is commonly used for ‘point of sale’ advertisements.




Floor Protect Aslan MP326 Floor Graphic Laminate

Example of floor graphic


Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this 125-micron film has an anti-slip structure – which has been tested for slip-resistance according to ASTM and DIN 51130 R9. It is also water-resistant and, as such, is suitable for floor graphic advertising in the retail sector, as well as sports events and exhibitions.



Premium Floor Protect Aslan MP300 Wet Floor Laminate

Example of floor graphic


Designed for the protection of floor graphics both indoors and outdoors. This 140-micron film has a rough antislip surface and has been tested for slip resistance according to DIN 51130. As such, it can be used for entrance areas, outdoor stairs, kitchens and barefoot walks. It also fulfils non-slip safety class R13, with an insurance warranty against injury.



Vinyline Graphics offer you a full service, from survey to installation, with:

  • Quality, durable vinyl graphics
  • Slip-resistant prints that improve safety
  • Full colour, vibrant, high resolution prints
  • Custom, die-cut, innovative shapes
  • Prints to suit all surfaces, from concrete to carpet.

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