5 Benefits of Floor Graphics

5 Benefits of Floor Graphics

When looking for ways to make extra sales or ensure customers take note of new, exciting information, many marketers quite literally overlook one clear, effective way of creatively catching your customers’ attention. That way is the use of floor graphics.

At Vinyline Graphics we believe floor graphics are an inventive, original way of getting the attention of your target audience with a method that means customers are walking into the advertisement themselves.

Cost Is Low & Can Be Fitted Anywhere

The cost of floor graphics is relatively low and they also tend to last longer than expected. Because of this, and the fact that no maintenance is needed on them once they are installed, it is even more appealing in terms of advertising your product/event. Vinyline can offer you an affordable cost for your floor graphic(s), to make sure that you get the perfect concept and don’t have to spend too much to get it.

Another plus is that floor stickers can be placed pretty much anywhere. Concrete, laminated floor, carpet, no matter where you need it to be placed, we at Vinyline will do our best to make sure your floor graphic can go where you want it to go.

Good Tool For ‘Way Finding’

A fun, exciting way that Floor Graphics can be used is through ‘Way Finding’. This is a technique in which you guide people through Floor Stickers as a way of directing them to a particular point of interest. Not only is it fun, especially if linked to some kind of child-based task, but it takes you directly to where whatever advertisement is displaying is. At Vinyline, we offer many different services in terms of Floor Graphics, including means of ‘Way Finding’ graphics.

Creative So Attracts Attention

The fundamental point of Floor Graphics is that they are creative and out of the ordinary. People are so used to the wall posters and stands that Floor Graphics can almost escape their attention. If seen though, they are recognised as artistic and imaginative. Instantly, you have grabbed your audience’s attention and they are taking notice of what your Floor Graphic is displaying.

At Vinyline, our aim is to make sure that the Floor Graphic you want, whether it has been designed by yourself or us, is effective and sure to catch the eyes of your potential consumers.

Saves Space

One of the biggest selling points of Floor Graphics is the amount of space you save in using them. Whereas with advertisements stands and large-scale posters you need to allocate a particular amount of room, Floor Graphics don’t have that problem for obvious reasons.

Due to their lack of restrictions compared to other forms of advertising, Floor Graphics, namely Retail Floor Graphics, tend to be used more occasionally now as a quick way of advertising without having to take up loads of room to do so. With Vinyline, rest assured that our various types of Floor Graphics will allow you to advertise and catch people’s attention without causing any form of obstruction.

Gets Your Product Noticed More

Connecting to the points mentioned above, all factors concerning the effects of Floor Graphics, especially Retail Floor Graphics, help in leading to the ultimate goal of getting your product notice further. The creative and fun marketing tool of Floor Graphics helps your customers, both young and old, to find out new information that you are feeding them in an unusual and intriguing way. Naturally, they are going to take more notice of this and see what you have to say promptly. Here at Vinyline, we support the use of Floor Graphics whatever the purpose. They are an imaginative way to get people to take notice and Vinyline understand that, hence why we make our Floor Graphics concepts and designs the best they can be.

Think that our floor graphics would be great for your advertising or retail needs? Contact us today to talk about your concept and get the ball rolling!