7 Benefits of having an Illuminated Sign

7 Benefits Of Having An Illuminated Sign

Your business signs play a crucial role in the success or failure of your business. First impressions last and its often the sign at the front of your establishment that first meets potential customers eyes. Signs inform customers where you are and what you do and its important to portray a strong image of your company using business signs.

Although all of this is very important, it is rendered useless if your sign can’t be seen. This is where LED illuminated signs come into their own. Below are eight reasons why your business needs an LED illuminated sign.

They Stand Out!

Its only natural to be attracted to bright lights, particularly when it contrasts with its surroundings. The beauty of illuminated signs is that even during daylight they can be read from a distance and close range. If you own a business that is competing with many neighbouring companies- an illuminated sign is going to give you a much greater chance of standing out and being noticed.

Round the Clock Advertisement

One of the downfalls with regular signs is that the darker it gets, the less effective they become. Therefore, for businesses like restaurants and bars, their sign can be ineffective during their busiest hours. On the other hand, LED lights provide advertisement 24 hours a day, all year round. Even if your business is only open during the day, passers by will be aware of your business even when you are closed.


Owning an LED illuminated sign for your business gives the perception that your business is successful and therefore promotes your brand. 70% of customers believe that the quality of a sign connotates the quality of the good or services provided so having a good sign will attract more custom!

LED Signs Work

I’m sure you’ve passed a sign in the past that either flickers or part of the sign has a blown light bulb, giving a run down, unmaintained perception of the business in question. Likelihood is the sign in question were either fluorescent or neon lights. LED lights on the other hand maintain a continual level of brightness and your branding won’t be affected by an unfunctional outdoor sign.

LED’s can last up to 100,000 hours giving them a lifetime of around 6 years longer than their competitors. As they aren’t reliant on gas, LED brightness is consistent and the most cost-effective choice.


You may think that keeping a business sign illuminated is an expensive prospect, but LED lightbulbs have changed that age old myth. LED’s use up to 80% less energy compared to neon bulbs. As a result, LED light bulbs are more efficient and carry a smaller carbon footprint. As LED don’t use gas tubes, they also don’t contain hazardous chemicals like mercury.

Design Options

LED illuminated signs offer an extensive range of design options, incorporating different materials and colours. As LED’s are formed from multiple, separate bulbs, each can be programmed for a different purpose providing endless versatility.

Illuminated signs are no longer the financial commitment that they once were and can be used for businesses both big and small. Contact Vinyline Graphics to discuss your ideas with a graphic designer and get your business noticed as soon as possible!