Everything You Need to Know About Building Wraps

Everything You Need to Know About Building Wraps

Building wraps can fulfil a variety of purposes, from backdrops to a beautify city space to hiding construction sites. When used for the purpose of hiding construction sites they also provide an extra protective layer preventing debris and dust from accidentally leaving the premises.

What is a Building Wrap?

Building wraps are rather self-explanatory. They are large printed PVC banners that are so big that they can partially wrap or entirely enclose a building. It is important to know that building wraps aren’t made of solid material and therefore are not rigid banners. Instead, building banners are usually made with a wind-resistant PVC mesh. As a lighter material, it is much less likely to be affected by the wind.

Who uses Building Wraps?

Building wraps are used in varying industries but most readily implemented into different types of retail stores. Building wraps are usually located close by to the advertised store with the intention of reminding customers to visit the store and encourage them to make a purchase. The most commonly seen building wraps that are being used for advertisement, generally advertise clothing or perfume. These common marketing campaigns are usually carried out in shopping centres and similar locations.

Benefits of Building Wraps

Weather Protection

One primary benefit to using building wraps is the temporary weather protection that it provides construction areas when renovating commercial and residential buildings. Building wraps will prevent any bad weather from affecting work on a construction area – at all times.


To the surprise of many, the use of building wraps is safer than most other methods used to protect construction sites. Building wraps from Vinyline Graphics contain anti-static and flame retardant qualities, making our building wraps much safer than any other construction site protection.

Moisture Control

Due to the material qualities of a PVC building wrap, they provide an excellent moisture control filter when working on residential and commercial projects. The PVC mesh prevents rain from seeping through into the wall assembly yet allows water vapour to pass through to the exterior. This assists with the reducing the possibility of mould by preventing the building up of moisture within cavity walls.

Projects can begin Immediately

Building wraps can be put up quite easily, and due to their protective characteristics, can be implemented prior to the completion of external cladding. Due to this, work can begin earlier than usual and prevent the potential of the project overrunning and costs associated with an extended project are significantly reduced.

The Versatility of Building Banners

One of the most important benefits of building banners is the versatility of them. Building wraps come in all different shapes and sizes, designed to cover the space you need it to, and it’s not only the size of the building wrap that can be altered. Near enough any design can be placed onto your building wrap, allowing you to convey any message that you want.


Incorporating a building wrap will lead to less wear and tear on the site of your project, and when you don’t need it anymore, removing and recycling building wraps is surprisingly simple.

Vinyline Graphics design, manufacture and install bespoke building wraps for a wide range of businesses in varying disciplines. If you’re interested in a building wrap to enclose your next project, contact an expert on 01744 756644.