Interview with Steve Moneypenny About G-Floor

Interview with Steve Moneypenny About G-Floor

Our very own Steve Moneypenny was recently interviewed by Soyang Europe, the creator of G-Floor, a brilliant floor graphics product used by Vinyline. You can read what Steve had to say about this fantastic product below:

“We have been exploring the world of printed flooring for over a decade but discovered G-Floor three years ago and it’s been a game changer for us. I’ve been in the printing trade for over thirty years and G-Floor is one of the most exciting materials I’ve worked with in that time. It has transformed our client offering, giving them the tools to really use their imagination and get creative with printed flooring in a wide variety of settings.

Working with the G-Floor product is very easy and we’ve found both printing and installations to be problem-free. Over time we’ve developed some useful techniques for working with G-Floor, such as leaving the material to acclimatise to the warmth of the room allowing the substrate to become a lot more pliable and easier to handle and print on to.

There are other factors to consider, such as the overall size and split positions in terms of the artwork content, which impacts the way it is printed and fitted. Before the installation, a site survey needs to take place to establish if the floor needs levelling or if there are any factors that could compromise the flooring down the line, such as underfloor heating.

Bringing G-Floor on-board as one of our products has opened up a number of doors to working with some highly creative clients and inspiring others we already had the privilege of working with. We had completed a number of projects with Emily Campbell at Blue Butterfly Flooring using a dance floor material that we had to over-laminate, but when we discovered G-Floor printable flooring we introduced it to Emily and she fell immediately in love with it. No more lamination problems, enhanced print definition and a permanent indoor floor that will not scuff.

Working with a versatile product like G-Floor has meant we’ve been involved in some unique and inventive projects. One of the most memorable was a client who worked with Blue Butterfly Flooring and wanted hundreds of his family photographs collating into a montage to run across his kitchen and dining room floor. It looked amazing. We’ve even produced one G-Floor project that was sent over to Norway!

G-Floor has saved us a lot of time and money due to the fact that we no longer need to over laminate our flooring prints. Soyang Europe has provided us with an innovative and exciting product that our sales department can talk about to our clients, with a confidence that guarantees superb quality with a permanent and premium quality.”

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