5 Types Of Sign Every Business Needs

For any type of business, your name always carries a lot of weight, as current statistics show that nearly 8 out of 10 businesses went to a shop or recommended it due to the sign alone, whilst 60% of people ignored shops with no signs. This shows that, while quality services are important, the use of signage is vital in order to increase in your shop’s reputation, as a high-quality sign is usually taken as an indication of superior services. Implementing a sign also increases consumer interest, resulting in increased profitability.

Here at Vinyline Graphics, we offer our clients a variety of signage options which will increase your business’ conversions, including these top five:

 1. Static Outdoor Signs

Every shop on the planet should implement an outdoor sign, as it is the first point of contact (regardless if it is indirect) that every potential customer has with a shop. In other words, if you place a unique sign depicting your products and services in a place with high traffic, it should help engage customers.

2. Awning Sign

Once an outside sign has caught the attention of a potential customer, the next sign that we recommend is an awning sign, which is a classic solution for making bold impressions with your audience. When done right, awning signs serve as an introduction to your shop and therefore should be minimal and include only the important details. This should include your brand’s logo alongside your shop’s name in clear and readable font with a relevant colour or scene serving as the background, which will ensure your customers understand who you are and what you are selling.

3. Sandblasted/Etched Glass Signs

 We think of sandblasted glass signs (using carved letterings and others) as an opportunity for shops to show their artistic side. Think of the material as an open slate, where you can showcase the true nature of your brand. This not only draws in customers but also helps create an environment where customers would instantly feel comfortable, which should ensure return visitors and customer recommendations.

4. An Indoor Sign

This sign is useful for both the customer and the shop. For the former, directional signs will bring your customers up-to-date on how to get to your products or services as fast as possible. An indoor sign acts as a guideline for your business, which could include sales or current offers. For the latter, indoor signage is a great way to organise your shop.

5. Channel Letter Signs

This type of signage is similar to an awning sign, however, this type of signage is ideal for business’ operating at night, as you can add illuminated lights to your design to further increase customer awareness. With the correct presentation, channel letter signs are one of the best investments a shop can make.

Choose your materials

Depending on what you prefer, our designs can be constructed using a variety of different materials, including fabric, plywood, metal, painted glass, and tube designs.

Where Vinyl Graphics Come in

Our designs take inspiration from what your audience wants to see, and we can work with you to create designs that will improve the appearance of your business whilst also increase consumer interest and profitability.

For further information on our signage solutions, please contact us via email or call us on 01744 75 66 44.