What are the Benefits of Commercial Building Wrap?

Commercial building wrap is a great way for organisations to increase consumer interest. As they can be used to showcase your products on a large canvas whilst also providing protection to construction sites or buildings.

At Vinyline Graphics, we offer a bespoke commercial building wrap service, to provide your company with an innovative and practical design. There are numerous benefits for using commercial building wraps, and we have come up with the top four to help you completely transform your business’ advertising strategy.

Top 4 benefits of commercial building wraps


1. Energy efficient

Commercial building wraps are an excellent way to reduce energy waste, as they act as a seal for the buildings they are placed around.

Our sealed building wraps decrease the amount of energy wasted by restricting airflow, which ultimately results in lower gas and electric bills due to the reduction in energy usage.

2. Durability

At Vinyline, we pride ourselves on our extremely durable building wraps, which are weather-proof, fire-retardant and extremely resistant to water and UV light due to the solvent-inks we use.

Our commercial building wraps are also unsusceptible to strong winds, as our designers implement small holes within the material to ensure that wind passes through slower than usual, which helps to prevent significant wear and tear.

3. Flexibility

Building wraps are ideal for a variety of applications including building graphics, renovations, and even interior furnishings, which will ensure that your workspace appears both appealing and professional.

We can help you to create designs to showcase your products or even use them to conceal and protect your unfinished site from the public, which will both create a sense of intrigue and raise awareness of your brand.

4. Innovative designs

At Vinyline, our expert designers can assist you in creating bespoke building wraps that reflect your brand. Whether you want to showcase the finished look of a building site or use it to display products before a shop opening – the possibilities are endless.

We use the best-quality material alongside our solvent-based inks, combined with our expert finishings, seams and eyelets. Guaranteeing s that your building wraps are well constructed and safely installed to create a first-class marketing tool.

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