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Vehicle wraps and Vehicle livery is a vital marketing tool that can be more effective than any other approach at making your business identifiable. Having vehicle advertisement is one of the most prolific ways of getting your brand noticed by consumers from varying disciplines. It is also one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business! Vinyline offer these services on all vehicles including cars, vans, wagons & more! Fill in the form to get a call back from our experts below! Or if you would like to see our page on personal vehicle wraps, please click here.

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What Are The Benefits Of High-Quality Vehicle Graphics?

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Getting your vehicle wrapped doesn’t always have to be about business. It looks aesthetically incredible for a low cost compared to a paint re-spray. Our full vehicle wraps are becoming increasingly popular, especially with our competitive pricing!


Successful vehicle advertising is making your customers associate your company with the van wrap on your company’s vehicle. If one of the first things your customer thinks about when discussing your business is van livery, then it has served its purpose.

24 Hour Advertising

Even when your vehicle is parked outside your business building, it is acting as an advertisement to the passing public. Also, when your vehicle vinyl wrap is travelling around, it is continually advertising, to people in the same area as the one you are working within. This allows you to access a broader audience that you may not have been able to reach through other marketing approaches.

Mass Marketing

Unlike online advertisements, mobile advertisements and television advertisements that are designed to reach target audiences, vehicle livery is designed to appeal to the masses. This specific type of advertising can reach thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people or more each year.

According to statistics from the UK government, the average UK driver spends about one month each year sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle. It’s also been reported that up to 3,000 people will see your vehicle each day. Therefore, according to this data, livery can be a very inexpensive way to advertise your business to the masses and reach your target audience.

Long Lasting

Unlike other forms of advertising, vehicle wrapping can actually be used for up to two years. It won’t need to be changed constantly like other forms of advertising. Thus, not only does it reach a larger audience, it is also more cost-effective because it withstands environmental challenges, such as changes in the weather.

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How long do van wraps last?

In Britain, it is likely that your vehicle will be exposed to inclement weather conditions every day. Regardless of the product, you are looking for, from van wrapping to vehicle advertising you will want your investment to last the test of time and weather that comes with it. Our high-quality vehicle vinyl wraps do exactly that and the likelihood is that your van wrap will last longer than the vehicle itself.

Is it possible to get a partial vehicle wrap?

Partial vehicle advertising is an excellent, cost-effective approach to adding a professional look to your vehicle. Discuss with our creative team exactly what you are looking for and a discounted price can be placed on your partial van wrap. Like no other form of marketing, vehicle livery can reach thousands upon thousands of new consumers every year, for just one initial price. It has been reported that up to 3,000 vehicles will see your vehicle each day, don’t miss out on such a great opportunity..

Vehicle graphics can be used to advertise your business, help with branding, advertise 24 hours a day, reach a broader audience, and is extremely long-lasting. It is also very cost-effective for most businesses.

If you’re interested in having graphics placed onto your company’s vehicles to further your advertising, contact us by clicking the button below.

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