Tension Fabric System

Tension Fabric SystemsMarketing is all About Visibility. Be Big, Bold and Unforgettable with a Tension Fabric System.

Whether at an exhibition or event, or simply in your own retail space, it’s vital that your brand is well represented.

Traditional posters and exhibition displays offer a great visual marketing opportunity; ensuring that your brand is prominent to all passers by. However, whilst your company knows this, it’s guaranteed that all your competitors know it too.

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Tension Fabric Systems: Displays that stand out from the pack

Tension Fabric Systems offer almost limitless opportunities to promote your company as powerfully and visibly as possible. The simple-to-assemble, lightweight graphic display system can be made to virtually any size, guaranteeing that your company advertising will shine out above your competitors.

The Benefits:

  • Huge Exposure. Make your promotional material as large, as bold and as unforgettable as you want! A Tension Fabric System will be able to offer you incredible exposure at an exhibition, event, or even in your own retail store.
  • Flexibility. The TFS is very versatile. Want it free-standing? Or wall-mounted? Or even hanging from the ceiling? Not a problem! Want a curved or arched display, or even a light-box? The sky is the limit with Tension Fabric Systems.
  • Easy to install. The simple bracket system allows most displays to be assembled in between 5-10 minutes.


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Take your business to the next level. With the help of this powerful visual advertising tool, you can beat the competition and ensure that the world knows about your company.

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