Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Step into the magic of Manchester Victoria Station where Vinyline, the premier supplier of bespoke floor graphics solutions, transformed the space into a visual symphony celebrating Elton John’s iconic Final Tour in partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester.

Vinyline’s expert team brought to life the enchanting ‘Yellow Brick Road’ with a dazzling floor graphics installation that mesmerized commuters and visitors alike. Crafted with precision and innovation, our high-strength printed vinyl, coupled with an anti-slip laminate, not only captivated the eyes but also ensured safety and durability.

At Vinyline, we understand the power of imagination and the importance of creating immersive experiences. That’s why our floor vinyl solutions go beyond mere aesthetics; they tell stories, evoke emotions, and elevate brand experiences to new heights.

Join us in bidding farewell to the Yellow Brick Road with a tribute that shines as brightly as Elton John’s legendary performances. Let Vinyline be your partner in transforming spaces, one step at a time, with our unparalleled floor vinyl solutions.

From concept to installation, Vinyline is committed to excellence, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today and let’s embark on a journey where every floor becomes a canvas, and every step, a celebration of artistry and innovation.

Vinyline – Where Imagination Meets Reality. 🌟

St Cheetah’s Square

Working alongside Transport for Greater Manchester & Chester Zoo, Vinyline successfully helped in the rebranding one of Manchester’s busiest Metrolink stations as “St Cheetah’s Square” to highlight the immersive experience visitors get from a day out at Chester Zoo.

Vinyline supplied and installed eye-catching digitally printed vinyl to transform the existing tram stop into an animal frenzy ready for the takeover!


Vinyline played a pivotal role in enhancing the visual appeal of Selfridges in Birmingham through their expert provision and installation of window display graphics. This collaboration was part of Selfridges’ dynamic ‘SO ON BRAND’ campaign, where the aim was not only to capture attention but also to reinforce brand identity through visually striking elements.

Vinyline precisely crafted and applied vinyl graphics at the heart of this transformation. These graphics served as a powerful medium to communicate the essence of the campaign, utilizing a combination of vibrant colors, captivating designs, and strategic placement to create an eye-catching spectacle for passersby. The use of vinyl graphics allowed for a versatile and visually impactful presentation. Thus contributing to an immersive and memorable retail experience.

The retail window displays, expertly curated and executed by Vinyline, became a canvas for the brand narrative. We thoughtfully chose each element to resonate with the campaign’s theme. Showcasing products in a way that not only enticed customers but also seamlessly integrated with the overarching brand identity of Selfridges. The result was a harmonious blend of aesthetics and marketing, where the window displays served as a compelling storytelling platform for the brand.

In the competitive retail landscape, creating an unforgettable impression is crucial, and Vinyline’s contribution went beyond mere graphics installation. Their expertise in understanding the nuances of communication allowed them to align the window displays with Selfridges’ vision, fostering a cohesive and impactful brand presentation. The successful execution of this project underscored Vinyline’s proficiency in transforming retail spaces into visually dynamic environments, making a lasting impression on customers and reinforcing brand loyalty.

Mike Sutton

We have worked with Vinyline for 30 years or more. Yes, we have worked with many others too, but none have matched the service and quality that Vinyline provides. They constantly come up new processes and new ideas all of which have been a huge bonus to us as a creative agency. Above all else I like to think we have become close friends with a shared goal of delivering the very best.

Bradford Centre Regeneration

I was very satisfied on the overall management of projects undertaken by the company on behalf of BCR. Any issues which arose during the contracts were dealt with satisfactorily and there were no major problems.

Vinyline are always there when we need them

Vinyline are always there when we need them and come through for us every time without fail. It’s always a pleasure to deal with their team due to their great customer service and fast turnaround which Lancashire Cricket often need. The quality of the products are excellent and the team are always on hand to advise on the best products to use.

Beautiful print and installation

Vinyline fabricated and installed some amazing contravision adhesive vinyls for a community project in Fleetwood for us this month and they were a delight to work with. Their communication and support was great and the team that installed were really efficient and professional. They helped us figure out how to bring out creative project to the town centre and we’re so happy with the result. I can highly recommend them for print and installation.

Always a pleasure to deal with Vinyline

Always a pleasure to deal with Vinyline. Very helpful staff who make it easy to create new brand identities and signage. Have used over various sites now and the results are great.