Selfridges – Walk Walk Walk

Back in 2003 – Vinyline produced and installed the 18m-high black silhouette figures crowding across Selfridges Exchange Square windows working with Service Graphics. International artist Julian Opie was drafted by Selfridges to make the store stand out, and that is exactly what he did with his artwork Walk, Walk, Walk.

Not only do myraid 18m-high figures traverse the whole frontage of the store, including the Marks & Spencer bit, but they’re to be found in the store itself (although not on quite the same scale) and even in the car park on lightboxes.

James Bidwell, Selfridges Marketing Director, commented: ‘Selfridges is all about creating places to experience the new – through cultural relationships, art and design, as much as fashion’.

Each glass panel on the façade was numbered and an application ‘map’ produced. The map was used to make sure every piece was in exactly the right place and of course all this was carried out at night. Selfridges wasn’t about to lose any trading time during the three-week installation period.

Apart from having to satisfy stringent health and safety and fire regulations – 3M’s vinyl proved more than capable in this area – the project went fairly easily and smoothly.