Kings Cross

When there’s construction work to be done, site hoarding graphics provides a helpful screen to block out the mess until the grand unveiling. But we understand that standard builder’s panelling is unsightly and pretty uninspiring. Vinyline have worked with Sutton Young on the King’s Cross site in London for 10 years, to upgrade their boring grey site hoardings into bright, vibrant and inspiring artworks.

Back in 2010 Vinyline was called up on to carry out the first site visit and devised a leafy concept to help disguise the ongoing building works. By the end of 2020 Vinyline had installed over 2,000 metres of hoarding graphics.

The temporary hoardings that surround the construction site in and around King’s Cross provided the perfect canvas to engage with passers-by. Be it up-scaled pages from a book – or site huts camouflaged as giant tool boxes, or oversized envelopes, road signs, girders and columns, they literally speak volumes.

Large stretches of hoarding boards are created by combining a quantity of Dibond panels, every one of which will have been digitally printed with UV resistant ink (Dibond is an aluminium composite which is both rigid and weatherproof). Each individual sheet measures 2440mm x 1220mm and has a slice of the artwork printed on it. Once printed they were delivered to site where they were fitted together like a large jigsaw created the overall finished impacting graphic display.