Why office signage matters

office signage Why office signage matters

Never underestimate the value of good office signage.

When fitting out a new office space, it’s something that often gets overlooked – particularly as most branding and marketing is now done via digital channels. But physical signs should still be a big part of your branding efforts and they can be just as important as your website and social media pages. Here we take a closer look at why.

3 benefits of high-quality office signs

1. Professionalism

Think of it from your client’s perspective. When they come to your office for a meeting, what do they want to see?

Most will be looking for some kind of visual reinforcement that you’re a strong and reputable brand. Yes, it’s a cliché – but first impressions really do count. Your office sets the stage for how clients will perceive your business overall. And this initial split-second assessment could make all the difference, potentially influencing their decision about whether to work with your business or not.

Office signage can also help to reassure clients that your business is well-established. It shows that you’re settled in and dependable. Whereas a sparsely furnished office space – with poor-quality or zero signage – can give the impression that you’re a start-up, with very little experience.

2. Consistency

Clients want to know that your brand is consistent, and physical signage can certainly help with that.

If designed well, office signs can echo the high-quality branding found on your digital channels. Whether you’re a traditional business with strong principles, or a modern and dynamic company, your signage should reflect this and showcase exactly who you are – including your goals, values, and culture. It’s all about showing clients that you’re fully committed and proud of what you have to offer.

3. Staff motivation

Not only can good business signage have a positive impact on client perceptions, it can have a positive impact on your employees too. In fact, strong branding in an office setting – including the use of signs – has been shown to increase loyalty amongst staff and boost productivity levels.

This is particularly true if the signs are bespoke and incorporate the brand colours and logo. Why? Because it creates a sense of belonging. Bespoke office signs make your employees feel like a true part of the company’s culture. What’s more, they can help to set the right mood and atmosphere, giving staff a comfortable and creative space in which to do their best work.

Business signage created by Vinyline Graphics

Time to invest in office signage?

Instead of investing 100% of your marketing budget into digital platforms, it’s certainly worth allocating some cash for physical signs. Effective office signage isn’t just about sticking a few logos and directional signs on the wall. It’s about presenting your business in the best possible light and showing clients exactly who you are. And here at Vinyline Graphics, we’re here to help you get it right.

As a leading supplier of bespoke business signs, we have significant knowledge and experience in this area. We can offer a wide range of options for your office space, including business fascias, vinyl decals, vinyl wall art, window and floor graphics, illuminated signs, and more. All of which can be designed to your exact specification and are available for a very competitive price.

Detailed information on how to create effective office signage can be found in our previous blog. But if you have any questions, or would like to find out more about how we can help, please feel free to get in touch. You can either call 01744 75 66 44 to chat directly with a member of our design team, or send an email to sales@vinyline.co.uk and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.