Dental signage

Is it time to freshen up your practice?

It’s been a tough year for dentists.

Forced to shut during the main UK lockdown, lots of appointments have either been delayed or cancelled – and adjusting to the ‘new norm’ has certainly been a challenge. But now that your practice has re-opened, perhaps this is the perfect time to give the place a refresh?

New dental practice signage could be just what you need to attract your patients’ interest and start to fill up the appointment calendar once again. And as a leading supplier, we’re here to help. Here we take a look at a few options that are perfect for the dental environment.


5 types of dental signage to consider


1. Fascias

A new fascia can offer many benefits. Not only will it significantly improve the look of your building, it can also catch the eye of passers-by and encourage them to pay you a visit. And here at Vinyline Graphics, we offer a wide range of options – from simple acrylic lettering to illuminated signage.

2. Wall wraps

Lots of people feel nervous about visiting the dentist, particularly at the moment. But swapping out the blank white walls for a colourful and welcoming wall wrap can make a huge difference. These are a really simple way to create a relaxed mood. Perhaps incorporate a photograph of the team or information about the practice’s history, and make the place feel less clinical and more friendly.

3. Information displays

Wall-mounted acrylic displays are a worthwhile investment for all dental practices. They can be customised to meet your specific needs and used to display the names of principal dentists, improve navigation throughout the surgery, signpost treatment rooms and reception areas and much more.

4. Advertisements

You may also wish to invest in a few dental signs for advertisement purposes. For example, pavement displays and ‘A’ boards are a great way to promote your latest treatments and welcome new patients. Alternatively, you could install a window graphic or roll-up banner, to encourage people to book their next check-up. The options are endless and you can be as creative as you like.

5. Social distancing signage

Just like all businesses, dental practices must adhere to the current COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing rules – and signage is one the easiest ways to ensure your patients comply.

We currently have a range of products that are perfect for use in a dental surgery. These can be used to remind people to wear a mask and stay ‘one metre plus’ apart or can simply advise on handwashing facilities, queue points and payment options. They can all be personalised to include your logo and brand colours and will ensure that your practice is meeting government regulations.


Examples of building signs created by Vinyline Graphics


Take the first step towards your new dental signage

2020 has been a difficult year. But it’s also provided an opportunity for change and improvement, and here at Vinyline Graphics, we believe this is the perfect time to update your dental signage.

Whether your practice is located inside a retail outlet, medical clinic or residential property – as a leading designer and supplier – we can transform the look of your building, attract the interest of your patients, and ensure you comply with the latest guidance. So, why not get in touch today?

For more advice on dental signage and the options currently available, either give us a call on 01744 756 644 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.