Glass Manifestations

Reinvent your space

Do you want to reinvent your space? Are you concerned about compliance with health and safety regulations?

From conference exhibition dividers, to creating office spaces, we can help you reinvent your environment with our glass and window manifestations.

Glass is an ideal medium for office, event and conference spaces. It is becoming a more and more popular method of dividing up spaces while allowing for natural light to seep through, creating a sense of airiness and openness. But there are things you must consider when using it.

Safety First

There are safety guidelines around the use of glass to ensure it doesn’t pose a health and safety risk. Glass walls, partitions, windows and gates are all covered by manifestation legislation and building regulations. They require them to have some glazing or etched pattern so that people clearly see the glass and they don’t provide a hazard where someone could walk through them and injure themselves.

Traditional acid etching and sand blasting of glass can be expensive, but window manifestation stickers offer an affordable way to be compliant whilst also opening up a whole world of creative options for you.

Our manifestations involve printing images onto a film which we can then easily apply and fit to your exiting glass dividers, glass doors, glass windows or glass walls. The guidelines require that you have two rows of manifestations that are at least 50mm high and are placed at between 0.85 and 1 meter and 1.4-1.6 meter high.

They must contrast with the glass but can be as simple as glass manifestation stickers with white or frosted dots.

Glass Manifestations

But why just settle for just functional? Why not get creative?

Reinvent Your Space

Whilst the legislation is particular about the height and placement of manifestations on glass, it’s flexible in how you design these. Which for you, means an opportunity to reinvent your office, retail premises or event centre. And at Vinyline we never like to waste an opportunity to achieve more.

So how could your space work better for you? What doesn’t work in your existing space?

  1. Do you need more privacy in offices? More functional meeting spaces?
    We can create bands of manifestation that can help block and sound proof meeting areas, without compromising on light.
  2. Does your décor need a refresh? Office looking tired and dull?
    We can create visually engaging and appealing designs to reinvigorate your office or retail décor, quickly and simply.
  3. Do you want to drive greater awareness of your brand and key messages?
    From logos, to expressing key company values we can make every corner and partition work for you.
  4. Do you want to promote your campaign, event or conference?
    Use existing partitions to create well lit, defined spaces, that promote your key messages in a visually inspiring way.

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glass manifestations
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Vinyline can help you manifest your dream space

To manifest your dream space, get in touch with us now on 01744661404

From safety to branding, our glass manifestation services can provide a cost-effective and elegant solution for you. Let our creative team help you come up with:

  • Innovative designs to promote your branding
  • Functional patterns and etchings to improve your space
  • Vibrant themed branding for special events and campaigns

No matter how big or small, we’ve got solutions and ideas to help you create your dream space. And we’ll help with every stage of the process.

We can advise you on all the legal requirements, help you select the right type of decorative window film, help you create the perfect glass manifestation design for your space, and produce and install it for you.