Window Graphics

Window graphics can be used to brighten up windows, advertise a sale or a particular brand that you sell. Or they can be used to prevent accidents from occurring. Graphics can also be used to make the shopping experience more enjoyable, making it imperative for both the graphics and the copy to play off one another.

Storefront window graphics
vinyl window graphics

The best way to integrate window graphics so that they appeal to your target audience is incorporate a number of effective techniques described below…

Keep Copy Short and Simple

Keep your message short. Make sure it is no longer than 10 words. Avoid the use of jargon or terms people may not be familiar with; instead use simple, concise language and get your point across in a matter of seconds.

Make Copy Captivating

The words you do use should make a lasting impact, and should captivate and influence consumers to take action. Use buzzwords that create a sense of urgency, like RIGHT NOW! FOR A LIMITED TIME! THIS WEEK ONLY!

Choose the Right Font

Use two fonts for copy included within each window graphic. If you do decide to use more than two fonts, use fonts from different categories. Since there are three main categories of fonts, including serif, sans serif, and decorative, you can use each one to add visual appeal to your graphics. Using more than one font type also helps to break-up the copy in your advertisement and adds even more diversity to your window graphics.

Make the Font the Right Size

Nothing is more frustrating for customers than trying to read a font that is too small or incredibly difficult to read. Make sure you stick to font that can be easily read and is large enough for people to read.

Know Your Colours…


Different colours influence your mood. For instance, if you use red, it is designed to increase heart rate and create a sense of urgency. It is also easier to recall and influences readers to take action.


Yellow is the same colour of the sun; therefore, it is symbolic of happiness. It is also incredibly eye-catching, so if you want consumers to pay attention to your window graphics, you can make a positive impact by using yellow.


Green is a great colour that symbolizes eco-friendly products, resourcefulness and sustainability. It can also induce a feeling of stability, reassurance and security in consumers.


Blue is often a colour used to symbolize loyalty, tranquility and spirituality. It can also be used to create a sense of order. Blue can be used to induce a sense of relaxation in consumers.

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