Floor Graphics

Impactful, easily replaceable and inexpensive

Do you want to increase your marketing space? Do you want to drive footfall to a particular location and increase sales?

It can be a tricky balance – making your message shout loud enough to be heard, without cluttering up the space. On the roll out of a new campaign or offer, often retailers scan their store in dismay.

Despite using all available wall space, shelf space, and even ceiling space with hanging signage, the message they wanted to highlight to their customers is just not coming through clearly. With only a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, nothing is jumping out with impact.

Look Down

The floor is one of the most underused spaces for marketing messages. It’s an unexpected place to see advertising. You can use them to direct your customers to special offers, discount areas or new seasonal lines. And if it’s done well it can make a bold, impactful statement to your customers that grabs attention and gets results.

In fact, one study found that when they combining special offer promotions with a floor graphic their sales improved by 17%!
Plus, they found that customers spent less time making decisions and their overall sales for the entire product category increased by 1%.

Floor graphics

But what if your challenge is footfall and trying to get new customers in the door? Can floor graphics help with that?

Look out

Floor graphics can absolutely help bring new customers into your store. The ground outside your premises can offer an amazing opportunity to increase footfall to your business. Think of all those passers-by and the opportunity to stop them in their tracks. Do they know what you stock? Do they know about your latest special offers in store? Floor graphics can tell them.

And, it’s not just for stores. If you’ve a conference, trade show, or even a sporting event, you can use outdoor floor graphics to help direct people where to go. And you can use them to create truly unique settings by defining and decorating stages, dance floors and viewing areas.

Floor graphics are impactful, easily replaceable and inexpensive

Creatives That Grab

Floor graphics are impactful, easily replaceable and inexpensive. Three things that should make any marketers eyes light up.

Why do printed floor graphics work so well?

Think about it. How much time do you spend looking down every day? Maybe your texting on your phone, bending down to tie your shoe laces, or your lost in thought and just looking at the path ahead.

Imagine now, that your gaze is unexpectedly interrupted by a vinyl floor sticker. You have the opportunity to be totally re-directed. Your attention is grabbed, your curiosity is piqued and you make an instantaneous decision to look-up and investigate.

To get the most from your floor sticker graphics you need to make them unique, eye-catching and bold enough to disrupt! We recommend using vibrant colours, snappy messages and quirky concepts that grab attention. Create novel graphics that create a talking point. People have created floor decals with spilled supplies, cracked tiles… anything that causes someone to pause and look twice.

Vinyline’s Got You Covered From The Ground Up

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