Building Wraps

Reveal, Conceal, or Do Both!

Do you want to make a bold statement for your brand? Do you want to make a big impact with your advertising budget, but don’t know how?

The advertising spaces today are becoming more and more cluttered. You can invest huge sums of money in marketing activity, but still find it hard to get cut through and be seen. Every marketer is looking for that one big thing. That big reveal which could create impact and results for their brand.

Well, we think it’s still possible. But for that for one big idea, you will need one big format to match. And that’s where building wraps come in.


Create impact with bold, vibrant and eye catching wraps that reveal a statement about your brand that can’t be ignored. These larger than life graphics will be impossible for your target audience to miss. You’ll be visible and prominent 24/7 to people passing your geographical location, building greater and greater brand awareness for your business.

Building Wraps Stunning Offices
Building Wrap

Or do you want the opposite? Do you desperately want to blend in?

If you’ve a building in construction, or undergoing renovations, your problem may be the opposite. You’re already standing out plenty to passers-by… but for all the wrong reasons! The construction work has created an eye soar and you need to cover it and blend in with your surroundings.


Our building hoarding and scaffold banner style wraps will allow you do just that. They allow you to conceal the work discretely and even replicate the image of your building while concealing the scaffolding behind.

But do you really want to miss an opportunity to advertise?

Our clever and sympathetic designs can help you conceal ongoing work, while also promoting your project and brand at the same time.

Do Both

Why not create wraps that reveal elements of the final building or project? Start generating interest, attracting buyers and promoting your business to new potential visitors before the works are ever completed.

Building Wrap
Large building wraps

Vinyline Have It All Wrapped Up

With large building wraps there are two key considerations: Safety and Quality. And we use a PVC mesh material that gives you the best of both.


One of the main things you must consider when looking at large outdoor wraps and graphics is the UK wind! A standard PVC banner can create a ‘sail effect’, when the wind catches in the banner. This can cause damage to your banner and create a serious hazard if it rips and falls.

Our PVC mesh banners contain thousands of little holes which let the wind pass through, to avoid this ‘sail effect’. Plus, they’ve the added benefit of letting light through; an important consideration when wrapping office buildings.

We have an uncompromising approach to safety. Our PVC mesh banners are flame retardant as standard and are ultra-strong, with meticulous attention given to finishing; ensuring seams and eyelets are secured to the highest standards.


When you invest in large outdoor signage you want vibrant, high quality graphics that last. That’s why we use solvent based inks. They are resistant to UV light, water and scratches. They allow you have amazing high quality graphics that have a long-outdoor life.

Make Your Vision a Reality

If you’d like your brand to stand out from the crowd (or blend in with your surroundings) then get in touch with the Vinyline team today on 01744661404.

Our dynamic creative team can help make your idea a reality, or they can generate completely new ideas and design concepts for you that are guaranteed to stop passers-by in their tracks.

From survey, to production, to installation – your brand is in safe hands with us from start to finish.