Top 5 Benefits of Building Site Hoarding

Top 5 Benefits of Building Site Hoarding

Site Hoarding is a temporary form of signage that is mandatory for any construction business undertaking building work. It is utilised for safety and security purposes, although it is also a great marketing tool that provides protection and is extremely cost effective.

There a variety of benefits regarding building site hoarding, including:

  1. Secures your project

One of the main benefits of implementing building site hoarding is that it provides security for your construction site, which can help prevent theft and financial loss.

In accordance with the Construction Design and Management Regulations, all construction companies must ensure that they implement a form of prevention for unauthorised persons entering your construction site. This involves securing a perimeter and implementing suitable signs before any construction work is conducted.

Here at Vinyline, we offer a full site hoarding service, which involves ensuring official guidelines are met. We also work with you to ensure we create an extremely durable hoarding signage which acts as a solid barrier to prevent unauthorised access on the building site.

  1. Protects the public

A prominent advantage of site hoarding is that it protects the general public from serious injury, by creating barriers around safety hazards such as:

  • On-site vehicles
  • Falling objects
  • Construction equipment
  • Noise, dust or vibration
  • Roadworks
  • Slips and trips near pedestrian walkways

Here at Vinyline, we ensure that we create site hoarding that aligns with the Health and Safety Executive regulations for protecting the public.

The regulations state that site boundaries must be physically defined by utilising suitable fencing, which is exactly what our site hoarding signage can provide.

We ensure that your site hoarding is fitted efficiently to cover the entire construction space. Whether it is a small or large space, we can work with you to protect the public and avoid any financial loss due to extensive compensation claims.

  1. Protect your Project

The great thing about site hoarding is that it not only protects the public, but it also protects your construction project before completion.

If you do not want your project to be revealed before it is completely finished, site hoarding can help to keep it under wraps. We can work with you to create site hoarding signage that enables your site to blend in with the surrounding area and avoid exposure.

The site hoarding will act as a visible barrier, allowing your business to work incognito. You can ensure the end result is perfected and fully ready, before making a grand reveal and impressing your customers with your innovative project.

  1. Cost-Effective Protection

One of the most beneficial elements of site hoarding is its ability to provide a cost-effective solution for your construction business.

Our site hoarding allows you to reduce protection and advertising costs, as our sustainable signage can be re-used for future projects.

It is also extremely easy to install, which means the installation period will be quick and cost-efficient.  

  1. Advertising

Building site hoarding is not only a great form of protection, but it also enables you to create advertising campaigns to promote your project.

Here at Vinyline, we can help you create bespoke signs that will generate interest in your project whilst the site is constructed. This could involve creating graphics to showcase the finished project, whilst also promoting your construction company.

It is also a great way of advertising your brand. For example, you could utilise printed site hoarding signs for a shop opening, in order to showcase your brand or products before the big reveal.

How Vinyline Graphics can help.

Our expert team at Vinyline will work with you to create original and innovative building site hoardings that last. We will also ensure that we maintain compliance regarding construction regulations, enabling a safe and secure site for your business, employees and the general public.

We provide a full site hoarding service hoarding signage, from survey to installation, ensuring that we meet your specific site hoarding needs.

For further information on our functional site hoarding service, please call us on 01744 75 66 44.

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