Choosing Signage for Schools

School Signage

If you’re looking into new signage for your school, there are so many options available to you. It may be that you just want to neaten up the look of the outside of the building, or you may be considering an entire “re-brand” or a way to brighten the hallways and give the place a greater sense of fun, but whatever your aim is, Vinyline has suggestions and options galore! Take a look below to see what you could achieve when it comes to nursery, school and college signage.


  1. Front Door Signs

Naturally, one of the most important elements of signage for any educational establishment is its name clearly displayed above the entrance. It’s a show of pride in your school’s identity to invest in a high-quality door sign, and there are many options involved when it comes to choosing a design. All kinds of materials are available, with embossed or 3D lettering always proving a firm favourite for elegance and readability. It’s important to have any name displayed clearly, and potentially in a number of languages to assist bilingual students and parents.


  1. External Welcome Signs

Potentially even more important than signage on the front door are the welcome signs. These should be visible from the road and are sometimes displayed on tall rectangular obelisks or mounted on – or against – a wall by the drive or turning circle leading to the building. For nervous new students and their parents, these serve as easy-to-understand landmarks, guiding them to the right place. Welcome signs may include a map of the buildings that make up the school or a message from the headteacher about the establishment’s ethos and achievements.


  1. Directional Signposting – External and Internal

For new pupils, staff and visitors, the potential confusion doesn’t stop when they enter the main building. Many schools are spread across a campus-style property, with different “blocks” for different year groups or subjects. It’s a great idea to display wall graphics depicting a map of the school, along with signage emblazoned onto walls, doors or floors to point people in the right direction for each department, facility and classroom.


  1. Health and Safety

Whether in the canteen, the sports hall or the playground, it’s vital that staff understand all health and safety rules and fire regulations. That’s why you should always display bright, simple signage in easy to find spots to explain what the procedure is for any kind of incident. A clear indication of where the nearest fire extinguisher, first aid kit, defibrillator or evac chair can be found could make a world of difference.


  1. Floor and Wall Graphics for Activities and Learning

Hopscotch, chess and many other games can be permanently displayed on the floor in the form of graphics or decals for safe, guided play, while maps of the world or the periodic table of elements could be shown in bright attractive colours on the walls – as could inspirational quotes, fun facts and phrases in other languages. Add a sense of joy and fun while helping to build students’ interests as well as their personal and educational development. You could also opt for a mural – either professionally designed or the result of a joint effort amongst art students, that you can commission a professional sign maker to recreate in order to celebrate the achievements of school children or to commemorate an important occasion.


Alternative Options

While wall, floor and door decals and graphics always prove extremely popular, but there are other options that could be considered for something a little different. For example, you may have thought about using glass for some of the walls within your building – for improved visibility that will assist in child safeguarding, and also to increase access to natural light while indoors. If this is the case, you may be concerned about a resulting lack of wall space. However, this shouldn’t be a problem – decals and graphics, whether creative, educational or directional, can be applied to glass too.


All of these options and many more are available from Vinyline in a wide variety of different styles and materials. The team can provide you with support from beginning to end, whether you require all school signage creating from scratch or you just wish for your ideal designs to be produced to the highest standard possible. Call us today on 01744 75 66 44 for more information, to discuss your needs and options and to receive a quote for your project. We will be more than happy to assist you.