Site Hoarding Graphics

Designs that work

Are you looking for a creative graphic solution for your construction site hoarding? Do you need high quality and durable printed site hoarding graphics?

We can help with that, and more. As well as being a highly functional health and safety barrier for construction sites, hoarding is also becoming one of the most popular sources of outdoor advertising. When you’re managing a construction site, installing hoarding around the perimeter of the site is essential for compliance but it can have so many other benefits too.

Why hoarding?

Building site hoarding protects both your employees and general members of the public, by creating a barrier around the construction site. It satisfies a number of your requirements under both Health & Safety Acts and Construction Regulations, including;

  • Taking reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access
  • Protecting member of the public from onsite safety hazards.

Printed site hoarding signage is ideal due its cost-effectiveness, space efficiency and more importantly, the visual opportunities it can create.

Designed to work

Printed advertising hoarding does so much more than provide a functional barrier. You can create and ideal advertising space to promote your own project or you can display designs that are sympathetic to the local environment, creating a professional image and enhancing the street scene in which you’re working.

When it comes to the design, let your imagination run wild!

With hoarding print design, we can make your ideas a reality. Or, you can let our creative team loose and let us come up with the concepts and designs for you. Some of our favourite ideas include;

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    Promote your project

    and start generating interest in it before it’s ever complete. Show mock-ups of the final building, start attracting buyers for apartment or start promoting your business to potential customers and visitors.

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    Celebrate the community

    and generate good will for the project. Create designs that celebrate the history of the location, or the surrounding community. From children’s drawings, to community events, to historic facts, we can get the whole community involved and enthralled by your project.

  • Site hoardings

    Make yourself invisible

    and blend into your surrounding street area, with designs that replicate the old façade or camouflage your works within their surroundings.

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    Advertise campaigns and brands logos

    vibrantly and boldly create unforgettable outdoor campaigns that attract attention and stop passers-by in their tracks.

Street Hoarding, Kings Cross

Vinyline Has You Covered

With site hoarding, aside from the design, safety and quality are key concerns. And that’s where Vinyline stand out ahead of the rest.

Drawing on nearly 30 years’ experience, we confidently boast a high standard ‘complete package’ approach to street hoardings. From the initial site survey to the final application, our team of consultants will oversee and support every aspect of the hoarding installation.

Our high quality graphics are durable, water and UV light resistant and can even be protected with anti-graffiti and scratch resistant laminates. We can build the entire hoarding structure for you, or fit our printed panels onto existing hoarding on your site. No job is too big or too small.

Let’s get started

If you want functional hoarding with designs than create impact, then get in touch with the Vinyline team today on 01744661404

From survey, to production, to installation – your project is in safe hands with us from start to finish. We promise,

  • Quality and durable print solutions
  • Customs jobs led by an innovative creative team and experienced consultants
  • Competitive pricing and cost-effective formats
  • Quick turnarounds designed to keep disruption to a minimum
  • A complete package from survey to installation

If you’d like to discuss your requirements for an upcoming project, get in touch today. We would love to chat with you about it.